Department Of Theology

Mayor Marion Barry loosens his tie, takes a sip of champagne, takes off his blazer, removes his cuff-links and places them in the inside pocket of his blazer, holds up an old glossy 8 X 10 b&w boudoir photo of Rosanne Katon, shakes his head, folds the photo in two and puts it in the back pocket of his slacks, leans over and grabs a piece of See’s candy from a box on the glass coffee table in front of him (under which are three hogtied and ball-gagged Korean woman of indeterminate age), tosses the piece of candy across the room into the open and waiting mouth of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who chews the candy for a few seconds, opens his mouth, and spits the mess into the open and waiting mouth of New York nightlife impresario Peter Gatien: “I like crack, Reverend, not chocolate. I don’t think there are a lot of crack addicts who do like chocolate, as a matter of fact. I do believe that most crack addicts, well, they just like crack.”


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