An elderly gentleman wearing a red silk smoking jacket and holding a warm snifter of Grand Marnier pulls back the curtains of his bedroom window and looks out onto his sprawling lawn, where he spies his son, 17 years old, and his son’s live-in French tutor, 34, naked and sprinting towards the Olympic-size swimming pool and the adjacent Jacuzzi, where they will, he has no doubt, engage in another gauzy and steam-soaked bout of after-hours coitus: “Terry tried to her best to take care of Bobby, but the young man was simply unable to adjust to the severely diminished standard of living she was able to provide for him as an aerobics instructor. On several occasions the boy had intense emotional outbursts over minor fiscal deprivations (lack of premium cable television; cut-rate jeans which came pre-tapered and therefore, resistant to a solid tight-roll of the cuff; sneakers bought in the school-supply aisle of the grocery store; and frozen pizzas instead of the kind that were delivered) which confirmed that Mr. Chrystal had been right when he warned her that – despite her obvious fondness for him – taking Bobby out of his environment would be disastrous. Upon returning Bobby to his palatial estate a year later Terry was relieved, if slightly regretful. While she knew in her heart that she had done the right thing by coaxing Bobby from his privileged bubble and exposing him to the real world, she also knew that she could have been more generous with her money. She had hoped that Bobby would get a job if he needed money of his own, but that had never occurred to him, as he was perfectly content to sponge off of her despite her constant, gentle admonishments (she had tried her hardest to make sure that she didn’t hector Bobby or sound maternal, as she didn’t feel that way about him at all; her interest in him was almost solely based on primal lust and a desire for co-habitation so that this primal lust could be satiated at a moment’s notice). She hated the fact that she had to stand in the middle of their studio apartment and – after another exhausting day of instruction a group of chubby secretaries on how to perform a proper T-step and Helicopter and Basic Lunge – patiently explain to Bobby that one of the reasons he was allowed to come with her was because he had promised her that once they were settled in another city he would carry his own weight. Now that Bobby was back under the control of his domineering father she wondered if he would miss his relative freedom and if, after having reflected on his short adventure with a lithe, sexually adventurous older woman, he would come to the conclusion that in this life, it’s every man (and woman), for himself. Terry seriously doubted whether Bobby was capable of this sort of contemplation.”