Mercury Rev

See You On The Other Side

A hairless, gaunt, and hollow-eyed man wearing a pair of reading glasses puts his arm around a young girl who is holding a laminated and framed certificate of completion: “Having been told by his oncologist that another round of chemotherapy would be pointless, Gerard decided to spend what little time he had left mentoring the children of his friends and family. Gerard had never gotten married, or had any children of his own (and had, at certain points in his life, espoused a philosophy concerning reproduction which bordered on the anti-natalistic), so he was as surprised as anyone to find such a deep vein of paternalism coursing through his body. The children, however, all had fathers of their own, fathers they trusted and counted on, and so while Gerard’s ministrations were met with appreciation, they were also met with a kind a mild vexation, which Gerard neither noticed, or, if he had noticed, refused to acknowledge.”