Niki De Saint Phalle


Inspired by the pregnancy of her friend Clarice Price, the wife of American artist Larry Rivers, she began to use her artwork to consider archetypal female figures in relation to her thinking on the position of women in society.[8] Her artistic expression of the proverbial everywoman were named ‘Nanas’, after a French slang word that is roughly equivalent to “broad”.[8] name The first of these freely posed forms—made of papier-mâché, yarn, and cloth—were exhibited at the Alexander Iolas Gallery in Paris in September 1965. For this show, Iolas published her first artist book that includes her handwritten words in combination with her drawings of ‘Bananas’. Encouraged by Iolas, she started a highly productive output of graphic work that accompanied exhibitions that included posters, books, and writings.

2 thoughts on “Niki De Saint Phalle

  1. Thank you, Mr O.,

    I was so excited about watching this…I delayed pressing the “play” button for over a week.

    My wife spoilt it slightly by reminding me that self control is a greater achievement than self denial…


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