The Metaphysics Of Formica

Two furniture movers load a royal blue Formica table into the back of a U-Haul truck: “Having caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror for the first time in over a decade, Karl, whose original cherry red top had been repainted and whose chrome trim had been stripped and replaced, did not immediately recognize himself, and it momentarily frightened him. He assuaged his fears, however, by telling himself that no matter how he had changed on the outside he would always remain the same on the inside, which was cold, aloof and indifferent to the suffering of the countless families who has treated him as nothing more than a kitchen table since 1957, and who had eaten their meals, drawn their pictures, and done their homework on him¬†with something considerably less than his own disinterest, a state of being which he was certain had no proper definition.”


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