We Have Nothing To Talk About Anymore

You learn something new every day. Today I learned that the Soviet Union used Gary, Indiana as a blueprint for their own City of Steel, Magnitogosrk. I learned that Gary, Indiana used to be called “Magic City.” I learned that a large group of American engineers moved to the Soviet Union in order to help build Magnitogorsk, and that while they were there they designed their own little city, patterning it after Mount Vernon, New York. This city was known as “The American City.” I learned that Stalin would kill off, en masse, the men known as the “Bourgeois Engineers,” as soon as he felt they had acquired too much power and knowledge, and that he replaced them with men known as the “Red Engineers,” who would not question Stalin’s leadership. I learned that “the plan is the plan.” I learned that Herman Kahn coined the term “wargasm.” I learned that some people pronounce the word robot as “ro-butt.” I learned that history rolls on and on and flattens everything in its path. I think this is something I already knew, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s something that always needs to be learned again and again.

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