A Conversation With Barbara Kruger

“The doctor says I have bronchitis, but I don’t know. I think all those years of smoking are finally catching up with me.”

“I am trying to interrupt the stunned silences of the image with the uncouth impertinences and uncool embarrassments of language.”

“I understand that. But I’m telling you I think I’m dying, Barb.”

“I prefer disheveling the garment or at least splitting its seams in the hopes of exposing the underpinnings of what is seen and spoken.”

“And you do, you do. But right now I’m having trouble breathing and I don’t think antibiotics are the answer.”

“Nothing crawls as profoundly between laughter and tragedy as power’s cutely disingenuous attempts at self-effacement.”

“Speaking of, the doctor who was recommended to us was kind of a jerk. He saw me for literally three minutes. All he did was, listen, he didn’t even run any tests he just made me take four deep breaths and then he says he knows what’s wrong with me. He totally disregarded my back pain.”

“I am not alluding to a totalizing amalgam, but rather an aerosol of numerical methodologies, the density of which varies from site to site.”

“You think I have cancer too, don’t you? Just say it.”

“Perhaps only the pervasiveness of viral contagion can hold a candle to the grandiose dispersals of capital.”

“I agree. So you think I should get a second opinion?”

“Give today’s climate of roving oppressions, intolerant religiosities, global contagion and gargantuan ‘moral’ hypocrisy, it is with great pleasure that I restate my opinions that the notions of the moral and ethical are due for a sabbatical: a ventilation by a burst of actual benevolences and tolerance.”

“I’m not ready for this, Barb. I don’t want to die.”

“Value is established via a complex amalgam of social and market forces which heed the soundings of sighs and whispers, affiliations and grudges, snubs and outbursts.”

“I love you too, baby. And I just want to let you know that if this really is it, I don’t want you to mourn me forever. I want you to find someone else as soon as possible and start a new life.”

“I only hope that my presence and production can make a difference.”


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