Skinny Jeans: An Exercise In Style

There are men who suffer from bulimia. Grown men. Men who work nine to five jobs, who are covered under a standard benefits package, who use their parking pass every morning. This is a subject I care about. Men who eat their breakfast or lunch or dinner (or all three, but not at the same time, although there are some men who do that too) and then walk as fast as they can to the nearest bathroom and throw up into a toilet. This is a subject I feel other people should care about, because it affects more men than you think. The next time you’re out in public look for the men wearing skinny jeans and once you do tell yourself that these are the men who suffer from bulimia, because if the statistics are correct, three out of every seven men who wear skinny jeans are suffering from bulimia. I could ramble on about this subject for hours and hours, but I won’t. I could use lots of scientific and psychological jargon to explain why certain men suffer from bulimia, and I could also use a lot of sociological jargon to explain why men who suffer from bulimia is something that we as a society need to starting thinking about, but I won’t. As a matter of fact, right here is where I was going to insert some quotes by some very astute thinkers, like Genet, Foucault, Kristeva, Artaud, and Bataille, but I cut them out because I wasn’t quite sure what they had to do with the subject at hand. Plus, I didn’t want to speak in the voice of other people, I just want to speak in my own voice, and when you quote other people what you are doing is trying to sound like them. At least that’s what I was told. So what I mean to say is that I feel bad that there are men who suffer from bulimia and I wish there was something that could be done for them. Because lately I always find myself sitting in some stall next to some man who is purging himself. This has happened to me at least seven times in the last two months. I’m sitting on the toilet in a public restroom and someone goes into the stall next to me and starts vomiting. I hope you can understand why I find this disconcerting. I hope that you can understand why I am bringing up this subject. I hope you can understand everything that I’ve said so far. I know there are some people out there who don’t like to read, and I know that these are the very same people who like to read, so I just want to make sure that I have made my points succinctly and with the minimum of fuss. If you feel that I have not addressed this subject properly, or that I’ve been muddled in my thinking and loose with my syntax, please let me recommend a great book on the subject, The Heavy-Bearded Demon: My Bulimia Year, by Daryl Durrell. This is the book you need to read if you are interested in men who suffer from bulimia. I don’t think I would have read it if Daryl Durrell hadn’t written it.


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