Against All

Almost every parent, at some point, is going to want to have his or her child introduced to the public at large. It’s a smart idea to introduce your child in a space where there are other parents and children (preferably an outdoor playground, but, if that is not a possible [and in most cases these days it is not, due to the increasing number of random acts of violence perpetrated by the hordes of frustrated men and women who are, despite their best efforts, unable to find purchase in our arid post-industrial landscape] then an indoor, enclosed, and heavily policed play area, where the price of admission is steep enough to keep out the rabble, will suffice) because it gives you a different perspective on your child. For one thing, it is surprising how different your child not only acts but also looks and sounds when surrounded by other children. Sometimes you are surprised at how well your child has turned out in comparison. At other times the things about your child that seemed so unique and colorful while you were raising them in the privacy of your own home will seem banal and derivative when seen in contrast to the offspring of people you have no interest in getting to know. It is only when you have been around other people’s children for a good amount of time that you will start to realize that your child may seem to lack that something special, that they are too ordinary to make any kind of lasting impact on society. That is when you will start to want to break down your child and start from the beginning. Once you have a clean slate to work with you can begin the noble job of building your child back up again, inventing a personality, along with attendant character traits, that will serve them well in the ongoing war of all against all. It is surprising how few parents who take the time to view their children understand this.


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